Coleshill Village

Coleshill is a beautiful National Trust Village just outside of Highworth and is part of the larger Buscot and Coleshill Estate.  Coleshill is a truly beautiful  traditional English Village.  There are many self guided walks that can be taken around the beautiful countryside letting you really explore the countryside adjoining Highworth.  Coleshill is linked with Highworth in that during the second world war Coleshill house was actually a top secret training school for the British resistance.  In order to gain entry the recruits would have to visit Highworth Post mistress Mabel Stranks, provide the password and if she deemed them trustworthy a car would arrive to take them to Coleshill.  The National trust offers Historical guided walks and open days where you can visit replica underground training bunker and find out all about the secret spy school.   Sadly Coleshill House burnt down in the 1950s.

Contact Information:

Coleshill, Swindon,  SN6 7PT

+44 (0) 1793 7662209

Check Website for  opening times.